Panel Sessions at Party Conference 2019

I was honoured to be invited to speak at 2 panel sessions at Conference this year, firstly I was invited back to speak on the Conservative Disability Group's panel "How do we make the UK the world's most accessible tourist destination for disabled … [Read more...]

Speech at Party Conference 2018

I am Charles Fifield, I am a Borough Councillor in Cheshire West and Chester and last year I was our Parliamentary Candidate for Bootle in Merseyside, where we got over 6,000 votes and came second for the first time in 20 years. As a Borough … [Read more...]

Politics and Healthcare: A short history of the National Health Service

The origins of the National Health Service go back to the 1911 National Insurance Act which contained some medical benefit provisions however the NHS was first proposed in the 1942 Beveridge Report, run through local health centres and regional … [Read more...]

Taxing Issues, reducing the tax burden.

The Economy is clearly now recovering well, with more good economic news each week. In my day job as a Chartered Surveyor, I noticed this over a year ago as companies and individuals started to take longer term property decisions, a sure sign the … [Read more...]

NIMBY or SLIMBY? My views on Housing in the UK

Whilst all Planning Applications must be considered on their individual circumstances, as a Chartered Surveyor who is also a Local Councillor, I have given the overall UK Housing Issue some considerable thought over the years as it is quite clear … [Read more...]

The Rise of Food Banks: Symptom of Recession or underlying social problem?

The recent House of Commons debate on Food Banks became a political slanging match as both parties blamed each other, Labour highlighting the rise in use since 2010 and Conservatives pointing out Food Banks have existed for a decade. Clearly the … [Read more...]

Electoral Reform: House of Lords

I note that the Government is still undecided about the final form of the House of Lords and is torn between its desire for an unelected House that does as it is told and a less predictable elected House. The danger of House of Lords reform is … [Read more...]

Electoral Reform: House of Commons

I am in favour of retaining the First Past The Post (FPTP) electoral system that has been used in the United Kingdom for centuries as I believe the importance of the local link between a Member of Parliament and their constituency is vital to our … [Read more...]

Let Britain Decide

David Cameron is urging people to back Conservative Stockton South MP, James Wharton, in his bid to secure the first EU referendum in 40 years. On Wednesday 12 June, the Conservative Party Chairman, Grant Shapps, launched a new campaign website, … [Read more...]

CWC Council Budget Debate February 2013: Community Budgets

I would like to speak in support of the Community Budgets programme, I believe it provides the opportunity for innovative solutions to local issues and should result in better cooperation on the ground.  I am hoping it will provide opportunities for … [Read more...]